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Selling Process

Selling your home step by step!

Step I - Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Choose an agent you trust, who is knowledgeable about your neighborhood.

It is helpful to choose an agent who also works with buyers so he or she can look at your home through a buyer's eyes. It is important to choose an agent who is personable and professional; these are key skills that will help you sell your home.

As your Agent, I will to market your property, set up showings, and help you negotiate with buyers. With the experience of over 600 trancactions, I can make recommendations on which profesionals to hire for inspections and for any necessary repairs. I will help set-up, cordinate, and facilitate the closing with the Buyer's attorney.

Step II - Listing Home

Show your home.

Allowing easy access to your home is essential.  Homes sell faster when a seller requires little or no notice to see the home.  This can be hard with pets, but make it as easy as possible for the buyers to come on short notice.  Your home will be shown more often if you make showing your home easy.

If you are home when the buyers arrive.

Say hello and then leave for a bit (even if it's just for a quick walk around the neighborhood).  Your home will sell itself, so do not feel like you need to sell it.  When owners are present, buyers feel uncomfortable and feel like they're being watched.

I live in the real world, I have pets, kids, social commitments, and everything eles that makes this stressful; I understands the emotional impact this has on you and your family and I will help make showing accommodations as hassle free as possible.

Step III  - Written Contract

When the buyer writes a contract!

The buyer writes a contract with his or her agent.  The buyer's agent sends the offer to your listing agent as soon as possible.  Your agent presents the offer to you and advises you on how to negotiate.  After both parties have signed that they agree to the terms of the contract, it is considered a ratified contract.  The buyer will then write a check for earnest money showing his or her commitment to buying your home.

As your Agent, I will make this process as convenient as possible, by investing in the latest technology, contracts can be sent, signed, changed, and amended electronically anywhere in the world! If you prefer a more traditional approach, my team and I are available anytime of day to hand deliver and review any and all contracts you receive.

Step IV  - Home Inspections/Termite/Repairs

Buyer conducts a home inspection.

Getting a professional home inspection ensures that the home is structurally sound and is free of leaks.  Inspectors also check to make sure that all systems in the home are running properly.  The home inspection is a buyer's expense.  The Buyer then writes a repair list.  Getting the home repaired is optional.  If the buyer is dissatisfied with the home inspection, the buyer's real estate agent will make a list of items for the seller to repair.  The repairs will be negotiated in contract form between the buyer and the seller.

Get a Termite Inspection.

Buyers or Sellers (depending on the contract) will typically be responsible for getting a Wood Infestation and Termite Inspection and report, before closing. The home must be clear of termites, wood rot, and high moisture content because these conditions affect the structure of the home.

This is where my career in Real Esate Started! As a former contract to closing specialist for one of the areas most succesful agents, I not only have the experience to help navigate you through all your inspections, but also the network of inspectors, contractors, and specialist to reach out to in case they are needed.

Step V  - Settlement/Closing

It is customary that the Buyers choose the Settlement Company or closing attorney.

It is important that the settlement company is a reputable company, and offers reasonable rates and fees to process your settlement. All Settlement companies should provide you with an “estimate of settlement cost” sheet that itemizes there fees services.

As your agent, I will be right there with you during your closing if you wish, helping answer questions and concernes. Redefining Customer Service in Real Estate. means my job doesn't end with finding "a willing and able buyer" as required by law, I will be with you though the entire process, from explaining all the details of getting your home on the market through the very end, I will be your partner in all aspects of the this process.